As per affiliation Bye Laws of the Board, it is mandatory for the teachers attend a minimum of 5 days of in-service training programmes per year and every school shall remit Rs. 10,000/- as Training Development to CBSE. Presently, the Board is catering to the need of the capacity building of teachers specially in the independent private schools through 17 Centre of Excellence established with 16 Regional Offices of the Board. The capacity building programmes aim to augment subject knowledge, teaching skills and learn new teaching techniques, to enable joyful and innovative transaction of curriculum in the classrooms, to facilitate teachers’ professional well-being by providing the ecosystem for the teachers in developing their own professional growth plan, and to enable schools to exchange best practices, pedagogies, annual plans, etc.
Every year a theme for training will be announced and it will be undertaken for training by the Board through its mandatory training programmes. It is expected that the schools shall also organize or attend trainings related to the theme to ensure that the teachers acquire the requisite expertise for utilizing it in their classrooms. Theme for 2019-2020 is Innovative Pedagogy including Active and Experiential Learning

• Mandatory Induction Programmes by COEs for School management representative and Principals of all freshly affiliated schools, switch over schools, upgraded schools and schools obtaining extension of affiliation

• Mandatory training programmes by COEs for all school Principals regarding the stated theme of training for the year to augment their leadership effectiveness

• Mandatory workshops/modules on conduct of Examination and Evaluation to be conducted by the Board for concerned stakeholders, before the start of Annual Board Examinations

• Capacity Building Programmes (Subject Specific and General)

• Special Programmes eg. Leadership, Vocational courses
Every school will designate a Training Nodal Coordinator to:
• Assess training needs of teachers and assist principal in designing and implementing training calendar
• Coordinate with COE for the actual conduct of programmes
• Maintain records of the programmes
• Provide constructive feedback to the COEs about the quality of the programmes