MIS National Component Portal for Ministry of Education
UBDTMS Booklet App - UDISE+ Booklet Distribution Tracking and Monitoring
नव शाला App for monitoring of activities related to Library, Lab and Smart Classrooms
NCMTM Apps for NVS Custodians, Centre Supdts., Principals & Administrator
NCMTM Web Portal for monitoring by NVS
CDMSIS - Customized Data Mining and Statistical Information System
ORMS - Online Recognition & Monitoring System for NCTE
OTEIMS - Online Teacher Education Institute Management System for NCTE
OTEIS - Online Teacher Educator Information System for NCTE
OTPMS - Online Teacher Pupil Management System for NCTE
OTRMS-Online Teacher Registration Management System for NCTE
NOTAS - NVS Online Teachers Award system
OREP - Online Recruitment Exam portal for KVS.
OIMUS - Online Interview Marks Uploading System for KVS