KVS Recruitment Portal for LDCE
LPD Portal for MoE
Bal Shree Award Portal for National Bal Bhavan
Affiliation portal for National Bal Bhavan
Membership Portal for National Bal Bhavan
Workshop and Training Portal for National Bal Bhavan
Mid-Day Meal App for J&K Education Department
MIS National Component Portal for Ministry of Education
UBDTMS Booklet App - UDISE+ Booklet Distribution Tracking and Monitoring
JNVST Portal
NAV SHALA App for monitoring of activities related to Library, Lab and Smart Classrooms
NCMTM Apps for NVS Custodians, Centre Supdts., Principals & Administrator
NCMTM Web Portal for monitoring by NVS
CDMSIS - Customized Data Mining and Statistical Information System
ORMS - Online Recognition & Monitoring System for NCTE
OTEIMS - Online Teacher Education Institute Management System for NCTE
OTEIS - Online Teacher Educator Information System for NCTE
OTPMS - Online Teacher Pupil Management System for NCTE
OTRMS-Online Teacher Registration Management System for NCTE
NOTAS - NVS Online Teachers Award system
OREP - Online Recruitment Exam portal for KVS.
OIMUS - Online Interview Marks Uploading System for KVS