OASIS - Online Affiliated School Information System Portal
Teacher ( Integrated Online collection of Principals’ & Teachers’ databank)
Registration Portal for Class IX & XI
LOC Portal for Class X & XII
OECCS - Online Exam Centre Consent System for Competitive Exams
OEOCS - Online Exam Observer Consent System for Competitive Exams
“ PARIKSHA SANGAM ” A Comprehensive Platform of all exam activities
(e-PARIKSHA) - Online Examination Processing & Management System
e-IG - Online Internal Grades Uploading and validation System
e-Prac - Online Practical Marks Uploading and validation System
IAPX Portal - Online Internal Assessment Marks Collection for Class-X
Online Workflow-based pre-exam ‘Demographic Data Correction’ Module
Scribe Management System for CWSN Candidates
Portal for Training of Evaluators
Roll Number Finder Portal
Vaccination Information System of Schools
ECL - Exam Centre Locater App
OMG - Online OMR Generation System
OEQPD - Online Encrypted Question Paper Delivery System
OCAU - Online Correct Answers Upload
OECMS - Online Exam Centre Management System
CBT - Computer Based Test
Encrypted Answer Key Download System
Examination Centres Live Streaming
CMTM – Confidential Material Tracking & Monitoring App for Board Examinations
CMTM Web Portal for Monitoring
CTET-CMTM – Confidential Material Tracking & Monitoring App for CTET Exam
CTET-CMTM Web Portal for Monitoring
Integrated Payment System (IPS) for Board Examination & Competitive Examinations
Use of Advanced data analytics/data forensic to ensure fairness in CBSE administered examinations
e-Theory - Online Theory Award Lists Allocation, Management and Marks Uploading System with validation checks
TETrA - Theory Evaluation Trend Analysis
SBTMUS – Scheme Based Theory Marks Uploading System
Digi Scoring - Strengthening of Competitive Examination
OSM- On Screen Marking / Digital Marking of answer sheets
OOAKCS - Online OMR & Answer Key Challenge System for Competitive Exams
MRCS – Modular, Computerized Result Compilation system
Re-engineered Outlier System for Examination (ROSE)
Comprehensive Result Tabulation Portal for Class-XII
Grade Calculation System (GCS)
CBSE on Board UMANG(Unified Mobile App for New age Governance)
PARINAM MANJUSHA- A CBSE Academic Repository
Security PIN based activation for students DigiLocker accounts
e-Sanad integration with PARINAM MANJUSHA
Face Matching Technology in PARINAM MANJUSHA
Digitization of Legacy Academic Records from 1975 onwards
Blockchain Implementation in CBSE Results
DADS- Duplicate Academic Document System
Digital Repository of CTET

Online workflow-based post-exam ‘Demographic Data Correction’ Module
Online workflow based post-result ‘Marks Data Correction Module’
OVERS - Online Verification of Evaluation & Revaluation System
School Request Submission for Resolution (SRSR) Portal
CDMSIS - Customized Data Mining and Statistical Information System
A Counselling App “DOST for Life”
Scholarship Portal