2.6 Special Provisions For Innovative Schools

Special category of innovative schools may also be considered for grant of affiliation by the Board. All the provisions of affiliation bye-laws will be applicable to these schools unless otherwise provided for in these bye-laws.

The affiliation to the innovative schools is subject to the following conditions:

2.6.1 The special category of innovative schools will cover specialized schools, not covered elsewhere in these bye-laws, implementing innovative ideas in the fields of skill development, sports, arts, sciences, etc.

2.6.2 The schools will be granted affiliation as per the functional requirements of the schools.

2.6.3 The Schools will be covered under the respective category of affiliation applicable to the school as given in clause 2.2 and sub-clauses there to.

2.6.4 The schools shall produce a recognition certificate in respect of all classes that are proposed to be opened in the school as per the requirements of RTE Act-2009. In respect of students/classes not covered under RTE Act-2009, the school shall compulsorily produce permission from the state government to open/start all classes which are proposed to be started in the school.

2.6.5 The admission of students in schools shall be governed by the conditions mentioned in NOC and Permission issued by the State/UT Government.

2.6.6 The decision of the Board for considering any school under this category shall be final.