As per Affiliation Bye-laws, the academic session for all classes is from April to March. Several students change subject(s) while studying in Class X or XII on various grounds. However, as per the scheme of studies both classes X (IX & X) and XII (XI & XII) is two year course, students be counseled to offer those subjects in Class IX/XI which they would like to continue in Class X/XII and are available in the school, for which provisions exist in the Examination Bye-laws.

The vide Notification No. COORD/EC-6.12.2018/2019 dated 13.03.2019 at S.No. II amendment in Rule 26 of Examination Bye-laws has been communicated relating to the policy for change in subject(s). As per the revised Rule, request for change of subject(s) in Class X/XII will be accepted provided such a request has been made before 15th July of the academic session. To streamline the process for change of subject(s) in Class X/XII, Standard Operating Procedures have been framed and are as under:




1 Parent/Candidate to apply for change of subject(s) in the format given at Annexure- I alongwith -
a) Request of the student/parent for change of subject
b) Report card of the previous class if the school is the same
c) Report card and Transfer Certificate from the previous school, if the school has been changed or being changed
d) Medical Certificate from Government hospital, in case of medical ground
e) Relevant document supporting the reason other than (a) to (d) above
Upto 15th July of the academic session
2 When school will receive any request, the same will be analysed by the school as to whether: -
(a) The reason for the change of subject is genuine?
(b) What was the performance in class IX/XI?
(c) Whether the child is unable to cope up?
(d) New subject requested to offer is available in school
(e) Teacher of the desired subject is also available in the school
(f) School has affiliation in respect of that subject from Affiliation Unit or Skill Education Unit (for Skill subjects)
(g) Selected combination of subjects is valid as per the scheme of studies.
Upto 15th July of the academic session
3 Schools to compile all subject change cases in tabular form (separately for Class X and XII) supported with documents as mentioned above and forward the requests to the concerned Regional Office of CBSE with specific recommendation of subject teacher/class teacher and Principal alongwith relevant documents/marksheet, etc. Format of the letter is given at Annexure–II.
(only one request each for Class X & XII will be accepted from each school).
within 07 days from the date of activity at Sl. No.02 i.e. 21st July
4 Regional Office to communicate deficiency, if any, to the schools Within one month from the date of receipt i.e. 20th August
5 Schools will communicate fulfillment of deficiency to the Regional Office within 07 days from the date of activity at Sl. No.04 i.e. 27th August
6 Last date for according approval by CBSE 15th September as the last date for submission of LOC with normal fee(without late fee) is 30th September
7 a) In case of change of subject on account of direct admission after 15th July based on transfer of parent who is a government employee
b) In case of change of subject on account of direct admission within 07 days of declaration of 1st chance Compartment result by CBSE
To be sent to concerned Regional Office so as to reach within 07 days of admission

Before forwarding the request to CBSE, schools will ensure that:-

1. In no manner, any request to change the subjects that parents will make their arrangement of study will be accepted by the CBSE. Now, almost all the subjects are having internal assessment and schools need to provide the performance in internal assessment of the student.
2. They are not deviating from the directions. If in any case, it is found that instructions have not been followed, CBSE will reject the request for which school will be responsible.
3. Schools are requested to read and understand the above directions so that the same are strictly complied with.
4. Schools will ensure that all documents as per requirement are obtained from the parent/student and provided to the concerned Regional Office.
5. All documents need to be provided in chronological order as mentioned above in all the cases.
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