The Core Activity Of CBSE Affiliation Unit Is To Affiliate Schools For Secondary And Senior Secondary School Examination Affiliation Bye-Laws- 2018 || FAQs
The Schools Are Granted Affiliation As Per CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws In Following Categories: As per Affiliation Bye Laws(Rule 2.2) || (Apply)
Apart From Granting Affiliation , The Board Also Grants : As per Affiliation Bye Laws 'Extension of Affiliation' (Rule 10.3)
As per Affiliation Bye Laws 'Approval for Additional Subjects'(Rule 10.4) (Apply)
Application Related To Special Provisions : As per Affiliation Bye Laws (Rule 15) || (Apply)
The revamped Affiliation Bye-Laws- 2018 came into force w.e.f 18.10.2018. For all pending applications received before the date of notification of Revamped Affiliation Bye-Laws, previous system will continue. However, the Board may consider extending the beneficial clause(s) of the Revamped Affiliation Bye-Laws for disposal of pending applications of schools in the larger academic interest of the stakeholders.
The Online Procedure For School Seeking Affiliation With The Board Is Available On LinkCLICK HERE
The Brief Process Of AffiliationCLICK HERE